THE CHATELAINE SHOPS or SPENDS (Installation Art in Progress)

Friday, September 30, 2005

9/30: FRIDAY

Continuous Peasant New Orleans Benefit CD

High Tide in Tucson: Essays From Now or Never by Barbara Kingsolver

sausage and egg burrito

mug of coffee

$32.84 gasoline ($3.259/gallon)

drycleaning for two men's suits

laundry services for 13 men's shirts

hemming services for a pair of pants

NY Times

four bananas


half a pint of corn salad

half a pint of cous cous

Juana's housecleaning services

veterinarian check-up and allergy shot for Achilles

60 Metronidazole pills for Achilles

Negative Purchases:
Discarded a roast beef slice from the fridge's bowels

Read SF Chronicle at local cafe


  • -[wedding]pair of AA batteries for the tape recorder to tape kulintang music for the wedding rehearsal
    -99 cent scoop of ice cream at Rite Aid
    -shrimp fried rice and chicken & string beans in black bean sauce
    -dinner Ling Nam, Daly City: roast pork/beef tendon/roast chicken rice plate, longsilog, diet coke, calamansi (We thought Ling Nam had changed owners, and seemed better than it was a year ago.)
    -2 yellow bean buchi-buchi, 2 black bean buchi-buchi

    Negative purchase:

    -an apple from coworker's tree, which I subsequently left at a client's office for someone there to eat (just didn't feel like an apple today)
    -[wedding]faxed hotel contract with food tallies from the office fax machine

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