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Friday, September 30, 2005


Sept. 30, 2005's post is the last for this blog project which began -- *just to see what happens* -- on April 16, 2005.

Since this blog began, poems were written as inspired by its theme. Some of these poems came to form a book POST BLING BLING, published by Moria Books (Chicago, 2005), edited by Bill Allegrezza.

Before POST BLING BLING, the first poem to be submitted to a journal was also accepted -- and by no less than a respectable publication than SENTENCE: A Journal of Prose Poetics, edited by Brian Clements.

Indeed, this blog ended up being the forum for my first in-depth consideration of the list-poem form through "Installment Poems" that I wrote concurrent with listing out my real-life shopping/spending habits. This material will be part of my Spring 2007 book SILENCES: The Autobiography of Loss -- more details in the future no doubt will be presented in my primary blog, The Blind Chatelaine's Poker Poetics.

Thanks to all who've paid attention, who've read and commented. In fact, towards the later part of this blog's life, a parallel theme of monitoring the shopping lists of soon-to-be married Michelle Bautista unfolded through the Comments section. So, Michelle, until your wedding, feel free to post remaining wedding-related shopping lists through the Comments area of this last post.

I am grateful to my blog readers. Poetry is inherently social and much of what unfolded here wouldn't have, uh, unfolded...without YOU! Maraming Salamat!


  • coolio! Will probably take it through the Friday after the wedding as the locales and restaurants of the honeymoon is part of the wedding expenses that we budgeted.

    By Blogger Gura, at 12:19 AM  

  • Yay!

    By Blogger Ivy, at 5:13 AM  

  • And I also should thank you, Ivy, in particular for participating. Learned much about...chocolates, through you!!! Wink.

    By Blogger EILEEN, at 7:45 AM  

  • Saturday October 1

    -Farmer's Market
    *basket of strawberries
    *kettle corn
    *bread - durham loaf, olive, and a blue cheese/pear loaf
    *bag of spinach
    *hybrid pitcher plant from California Carnivores
    -[wedding] laundering and press of Rhett's black pants for the wedding
    -chicken apple sausage and rootbeer
    -chips, salsa, guacamole mix, zucchini batter, cheddar cheese
    -dinner: Smart Alec's - veggie burger, garlic fries, eggplant sandwich, lemonade

    Negative Purchases-
    -The pot of pitcher plant came with two other carniverous plants mixed in: Dewy Pines, and Corkscrew plant
    -[wedding] while getting his pants laundered our dry cleaner gave us two tickets to the Cal vs Arizona football game

    By Blogger Gura, at 9:30 PM  

  • Sunday October 2

    -[wedding]poster boards for seating charts
    -[wedding]glue for poster boards
    -[wedding]gifts for the coin bearer, ring bearer, and flowergirl
    -[wedding]polyester undershirt for barong tagalog
    -dinner at chicken and waffles restaurant

    By Blogger Gura, at 8:38 PM  

  • Monday, October 3

    -lunch: Filipino lunch counter in Leamington Florist: tortang talong, rice, menudo, pancit, chicken adobo, diet coke
    -coconut juice
    -thai iced tea with pearl

    Negative Purchase:

    -while having lunch, our wedding florist who owns the ice cream counter that shares the space with the Filipino lunch counter, gave us each a scoop of ice cream (ube and avocado). (I always want to type ice cream as "ice scream"
    -ride to Milpitas Tai Chi Class

    By Blogger Gura, at 11:53 PM  

  • Tuesday, October 5

    -slice of pizza
    -bottle of cherry extract
    -dinner at Dona Tomas: mole enchiladas, carnitas, quesadillas, watermelon with chile & lime, yellow watermelon aguas frescas, diet coke

    By Blogger Gura, at 12:02 AM  

  • -paid off the balance for the hotel reception
    -made 180 double sided copies for the wedding program
    -dinner at Barney's to treat the Maid of Honor and escort for helping this evening

    Negative Purchase:
    -lunch at mom's
    -after dinner ice cream at Fenton's (I got a single scoop sundae of Lemon Light, with hot caramel and extra nuts. Lemon Light was particularly delicious and is apparently 95% fat free)

    By Blogger Gura, at 11:17 PM  

  • oops, the Tuesday post is supposed to be October 4 and the one after that is Wednesday, October 5. I tell ya, wedding planning will get your head spinning on the numbers.

    By Blogger Gura, at 11:19 PM  

  • Thursday, October 5

    -[wedding]massage, manicure, pedicure for me and my mom
    -[wedding]facial for me
    -wedding]ribbon, glue, star stickers, alphabet stickers for the seating charts
    -[wedding]photocopy of the music hymns for the wedding program
    -[wedding]Pistol packing pink ]nail polish color for touch ups

    Negative purchase:
    -glass of champagne at the spa
    -food at my uncle's place

    By Blogger Gura, at 10:04 PM  

  • This is what I'm anticipating to buy or receive next few days. May edit these afterwards.

    Friday, October 7
    -[wedding]wedding rehearsal dinner for 30
    -[wedding]gas for my uncle's truck below
    -[wedding]fees to church coordinator, cantor, and music director
    -[wedding]bridal suite hotel room

    Negative purchase
    -use of my uncle's truck to move wedding stuff to hotel

    Saturday, October 8
    -[wedding]breakfast at the hotel
    -[wedding]fees to piano players at reception
    -[wedding]fee to videographer
    -[wedding]room and fee for photographer
    -[wedding]fee to lechon caterer

    Negative purchase
    -all sorts of wedding gifts that we won't open until Sunday
    -the presence of family and friends to witness a very special moment in our lives
    -the hours of effort, guidance, support, love

    By Blogger Gura, at 1:52 AM  

  • modifications:

    October 7
    Negative Purchase:
    -the bridal suite ended up being free for both nights

    October 8
    -fee to the makeup artist
    Negative purchase:
    -lechon was late and ended up being free
    -the hotel came by and gave us a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne

    By Blogger Gura, at 2:27 PM  

  • Monday, October 10
    -bridge toll
    -dinner at Tonga at the Fairmont (see chatelaine menu blog for list)

    Negative Purchase:
    -lunch at sister-in-law's place: chicken and beef bbq skewers and pinakbet

    By Blogger Gura, at 10:52 AM  

  • Tuesday, October 11

    -breakfast buffet in Laurel Court, Fairmont Hotel
    -two all day cable car passes
    -dinner in Sicily at Alioto's
    -Philippine flag for Galatea
    -couple of baby bibs for the nieces
    -funny bunny sign for D
    -beanie with San Francisco for the hubby's cold head
    -San Francisco stickers to christen the new luggage
    -sundaes at Ghiradelli Square
    -luggage straps
    -face cleanser and other personal items from the drug store

    By Blogger Gura, at 10:55 AM  

  • Wednesday, October 12

    -tip to bellhop
    -hotel stay 2 nights, internet access, one movie
    -purchased two bathrobes
    -bridge toll
    -lunch at DJ Bibingkahan's:dilis, fried rice, talong, bitter melon, banana hearts, sago, melon, pinakbet
    -from Valerio's: ube rolls, pan de sal
    -from Red Ribbon bakery: mamon, ensaiymada, mango bar, polveron

    Negative purchase:
    -acquired two bathrobes
    -pizza at the Chateau
    -glass of wine

    By Blogger Gura, at 9:34 AM  

  • Thursday, October 13

    -lunch at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) Greystone Restaurant [will send menu to Chatelaine Menu Blog shortly]
    -Safari West tour
    -bottled water
    -BBQ dinner for two at Safari West

    Negative purchase:
    -bottle of 1998 champagne commemorating the Philippine Centennial

    By Blogger Gura, at 9:38 AM  

  • [I should be able to get the gift list from my parent's place Saturday and will end these posts Sunday]

    Friday, October 14

    -lunch at Taylor's Refreshers
    /ahi burger
    /black and white milkshake
    /garlic fries
    /fried calamari
    /diet coke
    -ingredients to make my auntie's mochiko recipe: rice flour, butter, sugar, milk
    -two custard buns
    -several loads of laundry

    Negative Purchase:
    -left in the fridge in Napa: half ham sandwich, mamon, ensaiymada, apple turnover, pineapple turnover, bottle of champagne
    -picture frame and picture for our Napa hosts

    By Blogger Gura, at 5:32 PM  

  • ok, this is it, my final post regarding our purchases regarding our wedding:

    Negative Purchases (wedding gifts):

    -salt&pepper shakers, butter, relish dish
    -lenox place setting
    -waterford crystal frame
    -circulon pot and pan set
    -kitchen basics
    -samsonite luggage (one of which we already took travelling and plastered a couple of San Francisco stickers on. We always liked those old steamer trunks that had stickers from all the places the steamer and the owner have travelled.)
    -large vase with flowers on it, very Filipino kitchy (plan to decorate the Las Vegas family home with it)
    -homemade photo album
    -8 qt pot/steamer
    -silver picture frame
    -wooden salad spoon/fork
    -martini glasses
    -oneida server silverware
    -cookbook, "Bowl Food"
    -a large size rock from Yosemite with accompanying poem (which I'll post on the moneydance blog eventually)
    -wine opener
    -engraved photo album
    -mother of pearl picture frame
    -crystal frame
    -two aprons with "Mr. Pascual" and "Mrs. Pascual" stitched, "Newlywed cooking kit"
    -a compilation of most of the money dance poems with cute stickers
    -6 Noritake place settings
    -2 soup bowls
    -serving plate Lourve design
    -lenox wooden photo album
    -ice cream maker
    -roaster set
    -8" fry pan
    -kitchenaid mixer
    -candle pillars
    -Korean blanket
    -corningware french white
    -1 qt sauce pan
    -DVDs: first two seasons of the West Wing
    -DVDs: Akira Kurosawa 4 movie set including: Yojimbo, Seven Samurai
    -Wedding Day picture frame
    -signed baseball (we're still not sure whose signature it is), 2 slinky toys, hot mitt
    -our wedding invitation framed in a shadow box
    -placemat linens
    -bath rugs
    -two ceramic fish serving plates
    -Philippine shell placemat set
    -Philippine fan mother of pearl clock
    -pastry board
    -2 noritake platter
    -slow cooker
    -10 piece glass bowl set, pastry knife, 2 cooling racks
    -several Macy's gift certificates, a couple gift cards from REI, 1 from Bed Bath Beyond
    -and I know of one other gift that I'm told is still being shipped and is from one of the registries, but to keep it a secret they bought it off the registry. So sneaky! But since this is our last post regarding wedding stuff, we may never know what it was.

    By Blogger Gura, at 7:08 PM  

  • oh forgot: got many a lovely hallmark card containing cash and/or checks, some made out to me, some made to him, others made out to "Michelle or Rhett Pascual", others to cash, and one blank named one because they just didn't know what name to put down.

    By Blogger Gura, at 7:12 PM  

  • oh damn, forgot again because this gift came early:
    Negative purchase:
    -DVDs: 1st and 2nd season of the David Chapelle Show
    -DVDs: Babylon 5 movie collection

    ok swear, that's it, done. just goes to show how easy it is to forget the things that go in and out of our lives.

    By Blogger Gura, at 7:19 PM  

  • Pleased to announce that two of the "Installment Poems" that came out of this project will be published in a special issue of Bamboo Ridge in celebration of the centennial of immigration to Hawaii from the Philippines. Editors Eric Chock, Darrell Lum & Joy Kobayashi-CintrĂ³n.

    By Blogger EILEEN, at 4:02 PM  

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